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DSTV Error Codes

DSTV error codes can be really worrying especially for new subscribers who do not know what they mean and how to correct them. However,...

List of Channels on DSTV Yanga

This particular type of subscription came into existence in 2019 when DSTV decided to break things down to make sure everyone could have entertainment...

FTA Frequencies For Nollywood and Sports

Here are the latest free to air frequency and symbol rates from various satellites for Nollywood and sport channels. The list includes coverage in...

How to Fix Searching For Signal (E-48-32 error) on GOTv

The E48-32 error pops up and it's really frustrating when you're watching your favorite show. The first few time I saw this, I threatened...

Channels on Gotv Jolli Package and Price

We all know Gotv is the most popular and affordable cable tv in Nigeria and other Africa countries.  Gotv Jolli and Gotv Jinja are...

Channels on GoTv Jinja Package

Gotv Jinja package is among the most affordable Cable Tv package in the history of cable in Nigeria. Here in this post we will...

List of Free Channels on GOtv in Nigeria

GoTv is a subscription-based service, so it's impossible to watch any channels on Gotv for free. The various packages they have come with different...

List of DSTV Channels That Show Action Movies

‍ Action movies are a staple of many cable packages. Some of the best action movies can be found on cable TV. This is because...

How to Recover Missing Channels on GOtv in 2022

Gotv is the sister platform of Dstv.  Gotv offers a variety of channels ranging from movies, sports, news, documentary, entertainment e.t.c  However, viewers sometimes...

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