List of Channels on Dstv Padi

When DSTV introduced the DSTV Padi package, lots of people found it difficult to comprehend. They feel the channels will be nothing to write home about considering their price in Nigeria. Additionally, people also question how enjoyable the channels will be since their most expensive package cost about ten times more.

DSTV paid package is DSTV’s lowest package and its price is the cheapest and also has the lowest number of stations. Despite it being the lowest package, it was made affordable for lower-class Nigerians and still consists of enjoyable channels which showcase thrilling Nollywood movies and dramas, international telenovelas, sports highlights from around the world, amazing wildlife documentaries, music to get the party started, fun kids’ shows, and international news.

DSTV Padi Channels

DSTV Padi is the cheapest DSTV package available and still manages to offer lots of excitement and consists of various channels from different categories. The DSTV Padi package consists of over 40 channels in total. Below is a list of all DSTV paid channels.

  1. SuperSport Blitz (220)
  2. B4U Movies (451)
  3. ONMAX. (257)
  4. TeleMundo (118)
  5. Africa Magic Hausa (156)
  6. DStv Africa Magic Yoruba (157)
  7. Africa Magic Igbo (159)
  8. Televista (194)
  9. Trybe (195)
  10. NTA parliament (370)
  11. BBC World News (400)
  12. CNC World (415)
  13. Arise News (416)
  14. TVC News Nigeria (418)
  15. Joy News (421)
  16. NatGeo Wild (182)
  17. Spice TV (190)
  18. Jim Jam (310)
  19. Mindset (319)
  20. TRACE Naija (325)
  21. AFRO Music English (326)
  22. Urban TV (328)
  23. Galaxy TV (258)
  24. Wazobia Max (259)
  25. OGtv (260)
  26. Arewa 24 (261)
  27. WAP TV (262)
  28. NTA 2 (369)
  29. NTA News 24 (419)
  30. eTV Africa (250)
  31. NTA I (251)
  32. Silverbird (252)
  33. AIT (253)
  34. Channels (254)
  35. MiTV (255)
  36. Lagos TV (256)
  37. K24 (275)
  38. Adom TV (280)
  39. Fiesta TV (329)
  40. FAITH (341)
  41. Day Star (342)
  42. TBN (343)
  43. IQRAA (346)
  44. Islam Channel (347)
  45. Eternal Word Television Network (348)
  46. Dove TV (349)
  47. Lumen Christi (350)
  48. Emmanuel TV (390)
  49. TV Mundial (P) (680)

Dstv Padi Package Audio Channels list

Aside from the channels listed above, the DSTV Padi package also comes with 11 audio channels. Below is the list of DSTV Padi audio channels.

  1. BBC World Service English (850)
  2. BBC World Radio 2 (851)
  3. DStv BBC African Languages (852)
  4. Voice of America (853)
  5. World Radio Network (854)
  6. Channel Islam Internationale (865)
  7. Radio France Internationale (866)
  8. RAYFM (868)
  9. Star (869)
  10. Rhythm (870)
  11. TransAfrica Radio (872)

DSTV Padi Price

The current price of DSTV Padi in Nigeria is NGN 2,150 per month.

List of Channels on DSTV Family

DSTV has slowly and steadily become one of the best sources of entertainment in recent times. This is because DSTV cuts across all ages of people and have something entertaining to offer all ages of their customer base, hence, the reason why families go-ahead to purchase DSTV in their homes – Dads can watch news and documentaries, moms can watch reality shows, and children can enjoy their favorite cartoons.

Multi-choice, the owner of DSTV has over 20.9 million active subscribers. Majority of them are from Nigeria. Many Nigerians would rather go for DStv packages because they offer diverse content.

One thing DSTV did that gives them an edge is that they have found a way to let customers pay for one subscription which then allows you to watch not more than 3 decoders and two streaming devices per household. Another thing is that you can easily access live television and on-demand content online, and you could stream or download shows on mobile phones or tablets for later viewing.

If you are a new subscriber, you will have to spend more to buy the dish and also pay for the installation before your channels can start showing on your decoder. However, once all that is done and you subscribe to the DSTV Family, then you are rest assured to see the following channels there;

List of Channels on DSTV Family

There are different varieties of channels for everyone as earlier stated, therefore this will be grouped into a different segment of entertainment to know extensively what to look out for.

News and Commerce

  • BBC World News;
  • CNN SABC News;
  • Newsroom Afrika;
  • Al Jazeera;
  • CGTN News;
  • Euro News;
  • Arise News;
  • africanews;
  • TVC News Nigeria;
  • NTA News;
  • Joy News.

Lifestyle and Culture

  • BBC Lifestyle;
  • Food Network, and;
  • Spice TV.


  • MTV Base;
  • HIP TV;
  • Sound City;
  • Trace Gospel;
  • TRACE Jama.

Kids and Teen

  • Boomerang;
  • Cartoon Network;
  • Nickelodeon;
  • Cbeebies;
  • Disney Junior;
  • JimJam;
  • PBS Kids;
  • Da Vinci;
  • Mindset.

Specialist and Foreign

  • RAI Italia;
  • Beste van Nederlands;
  • TV5 Monde Afrique;
  • Deutsche Welle;
  • CGTN Documentary;
  • China Movie Channel;
  • RTPi (P)


  • BLITZ;
  • SS LaLiga;
  • SS Football;
  • SS Variety 3;
  • SS Variety 4;
  • ESPN.

General Entertainment

  • M-Net City;
  • Universal Channel;
  • Telemundo;
  • E!;
  • Entertainment BET;
  • CBS Reality;
  • Discovery Family;
  • Africa Magic Family;
  • Africa Magic Hausa;
  • Africa Magic Yoruba;
  • Africa Magic Igbo;
  • Real Time;
  • Moja Love;
  • Maisha Magic East;
  • Maisha Magic Bongo;
  • ROK GH;
  • ROK 2;
  • POP Central;
  • Televista;
  • Trybe;
  • Nigerian Idol.


  • FAITH channel;
  • Day Star;
  • TBN Africa;
  • SBN (Jimmy Swaggart Ministries);
  • Eternal Word;
  • Dove TV;
  • Lumen Christi;
  • Emmanuel TV;
  • TV Mundial (Portuguese).


  • Nat Geo Wild;
  • Ignition TV.


  • M-Net Movies 4 (family movies);
  • TNT Africa (contemporary and Hollywood blockbusters);
  • Africa Magic Epic (African movies);
  • B4U movies (classic and contemporary Bollywood movies).

Audio Channels

  • BBC World Service English;
  • BBC Afrique en Français;
  • BBC African Languages;
  • Voice of America;
  • World Radio Network;
  • Channel Islam International;
  • Radio France Internationale;
  • RAYFM;
  • Star;
  • Rhythm;
  • TransAfrica Radio.

List of Channels on Dstv Compact

The Dstv compact is one of the packages numerous Nigerians can afford. It is the package for the average Nigerian which includes CNN and numerous sports channels. The package was mainly designed for sports lovers. Aside from the sports channel, the package comes with multiple interesting channels you could get from DSTV.

Although the packages come with enjoyable channels such as CNN and numerous sports channels, the price of this package is still on the high side and it is also high for many Nigerians. Many users prefer the Confam package because it is quite cheaper. The DSTV compact is more like the mid-range between the expensive packages and the affordable packages, thereby giving the majority of people the best value for their money.

In this article, we will be discussing the DSTV Compact channel list and the price.

About DSTV Compact

The DSTV Compact is one of the packages in the DSTV and was released in late November by Multichoice, providing users with various options. The Compact package consists of 135+ channels and they include local Nigerian channels, African Channels and international channels.

The packages come with numerous exciting channels including entertainment, movies, dramas, music, documentaries, news and eCommerce.

DSTV Compact Channel List and Codes

As stated above, the DSTV compact comes with 135+ exciting channels. Below is a list of all DSTV Compact channels and their codes.

Movies and Drama Channels

S/N Channels Code
1. M-Net Movies 4 (108)
2. Studio Universal HD (112)
3. Kix HD (114)
4. Telemundo (118)
5. E! Entertainment (124)
6. TLNovelas (133)
7. TNT Africa (137)
8. EVA (141)
9. Eva + (142)
10. Africa Magic Epic (152)
11. Africa Magic Urban (153)
12. Africa Magic Family (154)
13. Africa Magic Hausa (156)
14. Africa Magic Yoruba (157)
15. Africa Magic Igbo (159)
16. Rok GH (164)
17. Zee World (166)
18. Star Life (167)
19. Rok (168)
20. Rok 2 (169)
21. Televista (194)
22. Trybe (195)
23. B4U Movies (451)


Sports Channels

S/N Channels Code
24 SS BLITZ HD (200)
25. SS Premier League HD (203)
26. SS LaLiga HD (204)
27. SS Football (205)
28. SS Variety 2 HD (207)
29. SS Variety 3 HD (208)
30. SS Variety 4 (209)
31. ESPN (218)
32. WWE Channel HD (236)


Kid’s Channel

S/N Channels Code
33. Cartoon Network (301)
34. Boomerang (302)
35. Disney Channel (303)
36. Nickelodeon (305)
37. Cbeebies (306)
38. NickjJR (307)
39. Nicktoons (308)
40. Disney Junior (309)
41. Jim Jam (310)
42. Pbs Kids (313)
43. Zoomoo (314)
44. Da Vinci Kids (318)
45. Mindset (319)


Lifestyle and Documentaries

S/N Channels Code
46. Discovery TLC Entertainment HD (135)
47. Discovery Family HD (136)
48. Real Time (155)
49. Discovery ID HD (171)
50. BBC Lifestyle (174)
51. Food Network (175)
52. National Geographic Channel (181)
53. NatGeo Wild (182)
54. Spice Tv (190)


Music Channels

S/N Channels Code
55. POP Central (189)
56. MTV Base (322)
57. HIP TV (324)
58. TRACE NAIJA (325)
60. SOUND CITY (327)
61. URBAN TV (328)
62. Trace Gospel (332)


Religious Channels

S/N Channels Code
63. FAITH (341)
64. DAYSTAR (342)
65. TBN (343)
66. SBN (345)
69. DOVE TV (349)
71. EMMANUEL TV (390)
72. TV MUNDIAL (P) (680)


News and Ecommerce Channels

S/N Channels Code
73. BBC WORLD NEWS (400)
74. Sky News (402)
75. AL JAZEERA (406)
76. CGTN NEWS (409)
77. EURONEWS (414)
78. CNC WORLD (415)
79. ARISE NEWS (416)


Nigerian Local Channels

S/N Channels Code
80. NTA I (251)
81. SILVERBIRD (252)
82. AIT (253)
83. CHANNELS (254)
84. MITV (255)
85. LAGOS TV (256)
86. ONMAX (257)
87. GALAXY TV (258)
88. WAZOBIA MAX (259)
89. OGTV (260)
90. AREWA 24 (261)
91. WAP TV (262)
92. SUNNA TV (351)
93. NTA 2 (369)
95. PLUS TV AFRICA (408)
97. NTA NEWS 24 (419)


Nigerian Channels

S/N Channels Code
98. Africa Magic Epic (152)
99. Africa Magic Urban (153)
100. Africa Magic Family (154)
101. Africa Magic Hausa (156)
102. Africa Magic Yoruba (157)
103. Africa Magic Igbo (159)
104. Rok GH (164)
105. Rok 2 (169)
106. Pop Central (189)
107. Spice TV (190)
108. Televista (194)
109. Trybe (195)
110. Onmax (257)
111. Hip TV (324)
112. Sound City (327)


African Channels

S/N Channels Code
115. Maisha Magic Plus HD (163)
116. ETV AFRICA (250)
117. K24 (275)
118. CLOUD PLUS (294)
119. WASAFI TV (296)
120. TRACE Mziki (323)
121. TRACE JAMA (333)
122. Trace Muzika (334)
123. CITI TV (363)
124. DOMINION TV (364)
125. SABC NEWS (404)
127. AFRICA NEWS (417)
128. JOY NEWS (421)



S/N Channels Code
130. NHK (431)
131. TV5 MONDE AFRIQUE (437)
133. CCTV 4 (447)
135. CGTN FRENCH (449)
140. HUNAN TV (483)
141. ZHEJIANG TV (484)
143. RTPI (P) (525)
144. NDTV 24×7 (413)


DSTV Compact package price in Nigeria

The price of DSTV Compact price in Nigeria is NGN 9,000 per month and NGN 99,000 per year. You will be offered one month free when you pay for only 11 months. Aside from the channels listed above, you will also get 52 audio channels and 12 HD channels.

How to Reset GOtv Decoder

This is a guide on how to reset your GOtv recorder. One of the best ways to clear error messages on your GOtv recorder is to reset your decoder account. Note that, resetting GOtv comes in two forms such as decoder reset and account reset.

In this article, we will be discussing mainly decoder reset. Ever heard of the Got easy self-services? It is available to every GOtv customer. The Got easy self-services have made it easy for GOtv customers to manage their accounts without calling the GOtv customer service center.

What is GOtv Decoder Reset?

A GOtv decoder reset is simply restoring a GOtv decoder to factory default. After every decoder reset, note that all information and data will be completely wiped out and channels must be rescanned to enable you to keep watching the programs.

Why is GOtv Decoder Reset Necessary?

Below is why it is advisable to reset your GOtv decoder:

  1. Resetting the GOtv decoder does help clear error codes
  2. It makes your GOtv decoder respond smoothly
  3. Your decoder becomes easy to navigate and gives room to update  to new updates
  4. It enables you to have access to new GOtv features such as a schedule guide and self-service.

Requirements for GOtv Decoder Reset

Below are the requirements for Gotv decoder reset:

  1. Gotv decoder
  2. Gotv remote
  3. Electricity power
  4. Television set(TV).

Steps on how to reset the GOtv decoder

Below are the steps to reset your GOtv decoder:

  1. Connect a tv set.
  2. Plug the decoder into an electric power source and switch it on.
  3. Wait for the decoder to boot completely.
  4. Once the Gotv decoder is powered on and displayed on your screen, press on the “Help” button on your remote. The help button is located at the bottom of the remote.
  5. The Gotv decoder Menu will display on your screen.
  6. Select “Advanced options.”
  7. Choose “Installation” and press enter.
  8. Now select “Reset” and press enter.
  9. Your decoder will instantly reset to factory settings and reboot.
  10. After the reset process, note that you must rescan your channels for you to keep watching programs.

How to log into your dstv account

All DSTV customers are expected to know how to log into their DSTV account online. It is quite simple to log in and once you are signed in, you will have access to lots of self-service options which include checking your account balance, clearing various error codes, checking the due date and lots more.

Presently, you do not need to contact DStv customer care whenever you have issues with your DSTV decoder or subscription. All you have to do is log into your DSTV account and use the self-service features to solve any issues you are facing.

Read below to find out how to login into your DSTV account. 

Requirements to Sign in to my DStv Account

Below are the requirements before you can log in to your DSTV account online: 

  • Email address
  • Mobile phone number registered with your Dstv decoder
  • Name registered with Dstv decoder.
  • A smart card or IUC number.

How to Create a Multichoice Account

Once you have purchased your DSTV decoder, you are required to activate it with your details such as your name, phone number, email address, etc. Once it has been activated, an account will be created instantly for you by DSTV.

Therefore, there is no need to create an additional account unless you intend to access other products such as DSTV now, Box office, Showmax and lots more.

Steps Involved When Login into Your Dstv Account Online

Below are the following procedures that must be followed if you want to login into your DSTV account 

  1. Visit the official DSTV website here
  2. Select your correct at the top right corner.
  3. Then hit the “Login” button displayed on the DStv website.
  4. Input your mobile phone number or your surname 
  5. Enter your smart card or IUC number
  6. Click on the “Sign in” button to log in to your DStv account online.
  7. Your account is finally open to you and will display your account details

GOtv Signal Errors Causes and Solutions

GOtv no signal errors are one of the problems most GOtv subscribers are going through. People do normally contact the GOtv installer for assistance whenever they face this challenge, however, it might take a while due to delay as the installer of the antenna might take along to get to you.

We have come to your rescue, we have put together the causes and steps to follow to help you recover your signal when you are experiencing no signal on your GOtv.

Cause of no signal error on GOtv

Below are a few causes of no signal errors on your GOtv:

  1. They might be a flaw or fault in your GOtv decoder
  2. Your antenna might have changed in the wrong direction, causing a bad network
  3. Your antenna is damaged or needs repairs 
  4. They might be a split in your GOtv antenna cable 
  5. Your antenna might be broken and thereby your GOtv displays no signal 
  6. Your subscription must have expired

Requirements to increase your TV signal strength 

Below are the requirements needed to restore your GOtv signal: 

  1. A ladder
  2. A new coaxial cable
  3. Power source
  4. GOtv antenna (new or existing)
  5. Hammer, screwdrivers, teen spinner
  6. connectors
  7. Your GOtv remote 

 Step to fix GOtv signal errors

Below are the steps to follow to fix GOtv signal errors.

  1. Find your GOtv decoder power source and ensure it is turned on.
  2. Wait until booting process is complete 
  3.  When the no signal shows, press the “help” button on the remote to display the “menu”
  4. Go to the “advance option” and enter OK
  5. Choose “signal information” and enter OK
  6. You will see the GOtv signal and quality are not displayed
  7. Ensure that someone watches in the room for you while you go to where the antenna is mounted
  8. Try changing the aerial direction from left to right all around to see if the signal appears 
  9.  After the previous step and there still no improvements, change the aerial cable and get a new coaxial cable.
  10.  Associate the new cable to the same cable port on the aerial.
  11. Put the cable well in the room where the decoder is
  12. Replace the old cable with he new cable on the back of the decoder
  13. After replacing the cable, the signal will definitely show up, if you ain’t satisfied, go to the antenna and shift the aerial all around to get a high alert
  14. Once the signal has been restored, scan the decoder to recover your lost GOtv channels
  15. Click on “Exit” and start watching your channels.

Channels on Gotv Max

GOTv was designed for low-income people, so it is not meant to be compared with DSTV. Although it is less expensive, it still has more quality channels to offer than some of the DStv packages around the same price.

The GOTv Max is the highest package on the GOTv cable network. GOTv Max comes with very exciting and enjoyable channels. It has more channels on its package than other packages on the GOTv cable network.

The GOTv Max package comes with about 60 channels and it is also affordable and comes with a monthly fee of N4,150. It may seem expensive for other GOTv package subscribers but when you see the additional channels and what they offer, you will be pleased.

Presently, subscribers of the GOTv Max can now watch LaLiga matches with the SuperSelect Sport 4. 

GOTv Max Channels 

Below are the channels on GOTv Max based on the categories they fall under. 

Entertainment and Movies (19 Channels)

  1. GO Channel
  2. Iroko Music
  3. Telemundo
  4. E! Entertainment
  5. M-Net Movies Zone
  6. Eva +
  7. AfricaMagic Epic Movies
  8. AfricaMagic Family
  9. AfricaMagic World
  10. AfricaMagic Hausa
  11. AfricaMagic Yoruba
  12. AfricaMagic Igbo
  13. Zee World
  14. Vox Africa
  15. Televista
  16. Trybe
  17. Galaxy TV
  18. B4U Movies
  19. FOX Life

Music Channel (5 Channels)

  1. MTV Base
  2. Hip TV
  3. Afro Music English
  4. SoundCity
  5. Planet Radio TV

Local Channels (14 Channels)

  1. Liberty TV
  2. Tiwa and Tiwa
  3. Rave
  4. R2TV
  5. NTA I
  6. Silverbird
  7. AIT
  8. Channels 
  9. MiTV
  10. Lagos TV
  11. WaZoBia Max
  12. Arewa 24
  13. WAP
  14. TVC International

Religious Channels (4 Channels)

  1. Faith Broadcast Network
  2. Islam Channel
  3. Emmanuel TV
  4. Dove TV

News and Commerce (6 Channels)

  1. eTV Africa
  2. BBC World News
  3. CNN International
  4. Al Jazeera
  5. Arise News
  6. TVC News

Sports (5 Channels)

  1. SuperSport Blitz
  2. SuperSport Select 1
  3. SuperSport Select 2
  4. SuperSport Select 3
  5. SuperSport Select 4

Documentary (2 Channels)

  1. Discovery Family
  2. Nat Geo Wild

Children (3 Channels)

  1. Nickelodeon
  2. Disney Junior
  3. Jim Jam

Lifestyle and Culture (2 Channels)

  1. Fashion One
  2. Spice TV

Audio Channels on GOTv Max

Aside from the 90+ TV channels listed above, the GOTv Max also comes with an additional 2 audio channels. They are listed below:

  1. Wazobia FM
  2. Naija FM

How To Check Your DSTV IUC Number

Are you a new subscriber of DSTV? Are you not really sure how to get your DSTV IUC number? Then this article is for you. In this article, we have put together all you need to know about checking your IUC number on your DSTV.

As a new subscriber, it is important to know the use of your IUC number. This IUC number is mostly called ”CARD NUMBER”, this number is attached to your DSTV only. This number will grant you access to all channels on DSTV.

Although in recent times, the latest DSTV decoder being produced come with inbuilt cards making it difficult for customers to access the Card number.

Functions and Features of the Card Number

Features of your Card Number

The features of this card number are of two types,

  • Removable card, and;
  • Non removable card.

As earlier stated, in recent times, DSTV decorders have inbuilt cards in them, these ones cannot be removed for any reason. However, their numbers are still very much accessible. The removable cards are one of the earlier decoders, these cards can be removed and put back. The numbers are mainly at the back of the cards.

Functions of your Card Number

The function of these cards is to make sure that your subscription is active, and with the help of the number you can subscribe for whatever package you deem fit on the DSTV. Also, it forms a communication link between the DSTV server and your decoder, that is, it helps decrypt your channels by carrying encryption keys. It also serves as an identification purpose at the DSTV customer care.

If the card number is not there then you will not be able to watch any channel whatsoever, and it activates your decoder to view locked channels.

Step by Step Process in Checking your Card Number

Having known the functions and features of the card number, you need to know where to see this number.

  1. Make sure the decoder is turned on.
  2. Turn the decoder upside down, with the under part of the decoder facing upwards.
  3. A white sticker should be at the bottom part of the decoder.
  4. The DSTV IUC number will be written boldly on the sticker.
  5. Write the number somewhere and keep it safe and accessible at all times.

How To Connect DSTV To Many Television

DSTV has become one of the entertainment sources for different families because DSTV in their wisdom decided to have something entertaining for every member of the family and this has helped both parties widely. Due to the rise of entertainment and having not to be bullied from watching at specific times because one wants to watch, DSTV has decided to make it possible to connect one decoder to different TVs.

Maybe you have visitors at home and the kids are having their fun time on the cartoon network, in order to please everyone you can send them to their rooms where it is already connected while you entertain your guests.

This method has created a lot of ease in the family and even at the workplace.

Materials Required to Connect DSTV Decoder to TV

To connect your decoder to your TV there are materials you will definitely need to connect it successfully.

  • Dstv decoder
  • TV
  • Cable wires
  • F-connectors
  • Multi-output splitter devices
  • Signal booster (optional).

The signal booster is important because you will need to boost the signal needed to handle the TV at different locations. Cable wires traveling above 30m will drop some signal, hence, the need for the signal booster that will increase the signal strength to maintain quality transmission.

How to Connect DSTV Decoder to TVs in Different Locations

The first thing to do is to gently remove the outer surface of the copper wire of the F connector which is used to connect the cable wire to the decoder. When removing the outer surface, be careful so as not to make the silver tiny metallic shreds come in contact with the larger central copper spike.

NOTE: To connect DSTV decoder to 2 extra TVs, connect one side of the F-connected cable wire to your RF – OUT port in the DStv decoder. Insert the other F-connected end of the cable wire into the INPUT port of a double output signal splitter.

Once you are done with the process above, scan for channels in both TVs.

How to Check Signal Strength of DSTV

The signal strength of your DSTV simply means how good the transmission is. It details how good your dish alignment is with the satelite in space. It is graded from 0 – 100 with 100 being the best quality your decoder can show on the screen. However, if the signal is at 0, or -1 then there will be no signal at all.

Bad weather can cause interference on the quality of signal you could be getting, once there is any interference whatso ever then the quality of the signal is bound to faulter. These interfence are generally classified as noise, therefore, the lower the noise, the stronger the signal. As poor signal quality can be annoying and frustrating, the issue needs to be addressed quickly so you do not have to experience that anymore.

Steps To Check the Signal Quality

  1. First press the HELP button on the remote.
  2. Then select General Information.
  3. Select Tuner Status.

At this juncture, you should be able to see the signal values on your screen, if the signal value you see are lower than 50% then that right there is the problem. To get a very strong signal, the signal value should be above 75%. This 75% are for the services including DStv CatchUp, ShowMax, and BoxOffice. If your signal strength and quality values are below 50% then you may start missing certain DStv channels.

General Causes of Lack of Strong Signal Quality

As earlier stated, there are different interferences that causes the break in transmission from the satellite to your dish and these are generally called noise. Other examples of these interferences otherwise known as noise are

  • trees,
  • roof overspills,
  • buildings, and;
  • cloud – bad weather.


These noise are in direct interference with the transmission making it have a very poor quality. In addition to the noise, incorrect LNB and dish alignments are also a major factor for causing poor signal strength issues.

How To Fix Signal Strength On DStv?

You can fix DStv signal strength by checking the following:

  • F-type connectors – check for incorrect connection between the Ftype connectors;
  • LNB alignment – realign it till you get a better quality;
  • Satellite dish alignment – adjust the horizontal and elevation angle;
  • LNB quality – replace if faulty;
  • Satellite dish position – if the dish is mounted where it is constantly obstructed by the ‘noise’ stated above then you will need to change the position of the satellite dish;
  • Check for obstacles in the way of your satellite dish – cut down the trees obstructing it if you cannot afford to change the position of the dish.